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Foundations Series

Knowing Your Body Weight Equilibrium

Foundations Series

Qualities of Feminine Confidence

Foundations Series

Having a Queen Mindset

This podcast teaches high-performing women how to have a more loving relationship with themselves.

Listen in for tangible tools to understand, encourage, and celebrate feminine energy - without sacrificing results. In a world pressuring us to be everything to everyone, here you'll find peace in becoming a dynamic, confident, feminine woman.

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Rebekah Buege started highlighting the conflicting cultural expectations for women in 2014. Whether it's body image, boyfriends, or bosses - her take is logical with a hint of spice. She traded Minnesota winters for Los Angeles sunshine in 2020. Rebekah lives off carbs, wine, and Ecclesiastes 2:24


Foundations: Qualities of Feminine Confidence

foundations: knowing your body weight equilibrium

Foundations: Having a queen mindset

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- Zara

"All women need this in their life! Rebekah is a light to all of us and I'm truly grateful for this podcast."


"I listened to many body positive podcasts, but I'm learning new ways of thinking that make sense in everyday life!"


"I just started listening and I'm hooked! You speak so much truth!!"


"This podcast is amazing. It's weird to feel like she understands you when you haven't even met."

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