Body Image Mentorship.

What if you could officially stop obsessing over your body and end the stress around what you look a 90 days flat? Here's the thing. You can.

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How it works.

the 90 day experience.


You'll work with Rebekah to identify a unique body image starting point. Using the 3 Pillars of Confidence, you'll get tools to identify and process triggers around body image triggers, self worth, and relationships.

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Intentionally build the relationship you have with yourself using Rebekah's 4 Stages of Relationship Progression. You'll practice awareness of your body image and obsessive thought patterns, giving you tangible ways to change your perspective.



I'm Rebekah Buege

Body confidence is not a result of getting your "goal body", body confidence is the ability to express, enjoy, and connect with yourself and others in the body you have today, without feeling pressure to compete or compare (which takes practice!)

I struggled with comparison, big time. My mental bandwidth used to be completely spent on shaping what people thought of me. Always comparing, competing, trying to meet every expectation I sensed people had of me.

Eventually, I was exhausted - miserable - and realized even though I looked great, I wasn't enjoying my life. I was voluntarily shaving away pieces of myself to fit a mold created by (sometimes) total strangers.

Being at peace in my body finally gave me the freedom and confidence I was looking for from perfecting my body. Turns out, it's not what you look like - it's what you value.

Fast forward a few years and my physical body hasn't changed, but my perspective is completely different. I have a loving, caring, confident relationship with my body. Any time I feel self-conscious, I can quickly process those thoughts and move forward with ease.

I no longer feel obligated to be a version of myself people accept. My confidence doesn't come from whether or not people are attracted to my body, it's rooted much deeper than that.

These days, food and exercise is about body care and enjoyment. Getting dressed is about self expression and creativity. Intimacy is about vulnerability and connection.

Oh - and I'm having a blast. Being in my body is fun, I have so much mental energy for things I care about, it's a God-send.

Which is why I coach women to create this same freedom in their life. So you can enjoy every moment - instead of obsessing over every second.

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“I Feel Less Alone and More Heard.”

“I'm at Ease and Empowered!”

“Rebekah had a huge impact on me.”

“I instantly knew I could connect with Rebekah and trust her to coach me, her warm accepting personality made it an easy decision! Now I have a positive rebuttal to negative self talk"

"Before coaching with Rebekah I was bummed out, stressed, and had no forward momentum. Now, I feel so much better! I'm at ease, empowered, and don't care as much what people think!"

“I've been inspired by Rebekah's words for years now. She's had a huge impact on me and how I move about my daily life with confidence. Her perspective is perfect for any spiritual woman.”

- margi regher

- elsbeth johnson

- Jamie hammond

Imagine your life...

4 months from now... are you still checking your body in the mirror when you wake up, stalking skincare videos on YouTube, and feeling guilty for having a cupcake at your nephews birthday? OR is your body the last thing on your mind because you're living your life? 

I'm totally in