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Have you ever felt insecure about your body? Oh, wait. Of course you have. It’s not easy to feel beautiful when society tells you what beauty is, then changes the definition every few decades. Believe it or not, women were encouraged to gain weight to be more attractive. Calling someone skinny was an insult back […]

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I’m the queen of analogies and this one, fittingly, takes the cake. I tried to think of an essence I could quickly shift myself into to remind myself exactly who I am when things go south. This essence reminds me what treatment I deserve. Not only by others, but also by myself. The way you […]

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Confidence is usually shown in masculine traits. Western culture praises masculine confidence traits (often toxic) so it’s confusing when we think of feminine confidence. This is why it’s hard for women to become confident without sacrificing their femininity. You mimic what you see as “confident” but then go way too far into your masculine. The […]

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How do you talk about femininity and confidence? One seems soft, weak, and timid while the other brings a tone of strength, defiance, and courage. They seem like opposites. Culture associates masculine traits with confidence. We see someone who’s assertive, domineering, and brash as someone who’s confident, but that’s a very specific personality type. I […]

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Everyone has a number in their head they think they should weigh in order to be healthy. Maybe you see that number on the scale, maybe you don’t. Either way, this idea of a goal body weight weighs heavily on many women’s body image. When I was 20 I decided to run a marathon. I […]

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