Your body image is not your fault.

Women are bombarded with images of 'perfect' bodies, and it's not just on billboards or magazines anymore. There's a constant stream of edited women on your feed.

It's hard to remember that perfect women don't exist outside Photoshop - but it's so easy to forget all that when you see "normal" women looking flawless every morning on Instagram.

The way you feel about your body wasn’t programmed at birth, you learned this. You can look back on the body image problems you have today and feel good about yourself again without any surgery or dieting involved.

I got you.

Module 4 introduces you to the Thought Compass framework for categorizing your thoughts and developing a path towards true peace of mind around your body.

03. Develop

mini course

Modules 2 and 3 help you learn how to let go of the past and start loving your body. This is proof you're not to blame for any body shame you feel.

02. Discover


Module 1 shows you how your body image was created. You'll know the important difference between body image, body positivity, and body confidence (this is key!)

01. Define

body image

audio series mini-course

Body Image Basics

Learn how to love the skin you're in

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here's what your sisters are sayin'


It has changed the entire way I view my own body image and confidence.

- Jo

Forever grateful for Rebekah in rebuilding my confidence and myself!

- Rachel

Rebekah is so refreshing to listen to. No matter how heavy the topic, you feel a weight lifted by the end.

- Brianna

Perfect for any modern, spiritual woman finding her own path, fighting the naysayers, and limiting beliefs!


I feel so much better! I'm at ease, empowered, and don't care what people think!

- elsbeth

enjoy yourself in the body you have right now without sacrificing your health? Stop blaming yourself for being your biggest critic? Get ready in the morning without spending time stressing over your body in the mirror? All in less than a week!

What if you could...

You're afraid to change anything about how you look because people might not like it as much. You feel trapped by your beauty. You feel obligated to sacrifice time to working out, say no to your favorite food, just to stay thin...not because it’s healthy or you enjoy it.

Right now...

I'm Rebekah - creator of Confidently She, and the Body Image Basics. I used to measure my worth by how much attention I got. It was exhausting. I realized how much energy I wasted keeping up with beauty standards, but not actually feeling beautiful. Instead of changing my body, I took back control over my attention. Everything changed. I enjoy my body and I know how to handle any harsh thoughts. Which is why I created this mini-course. Learn how to feel at peace in less than a week when you buy the course!

Your Body isn't to Blame.

Focus on your life, not your body

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