Remember This the Next Time Someone Calls You Fat

Have you ever felt insecure about your body? Oh, wait. Of course you have. It’s not easy to feel beautiful when society tells you what beauty is, then changes the definition every few decades. Believe it or not, women were encouraged to gain weight to be more attractive. Calling someone skinny was an insult back in the early 1900’s. Nowadays, one of the top fears women have is gaining weight.

What that really means is we’re afraid to be unattractive. But how should we really judge what’s attractive, beautiful, and desirable when it comes to appearance? For the past few decades, marketing campaigns told people what they should be attracted to. The models in the magazines, women on billboards, they were seen as the women to imitate.

Just remember: this is another social construct that will change again in the future! So why put so much time, energy, and money towards changing who you are to become who a marketing campaign wants you to be? Rather than letting media tell you what beauty is, don’t forget you have the freedom to create it for yourself and be your own judge.

The real reason you’re insulted when someone calls you “fat”

It has nothing to do with beauty or health. It’s all about money. Companies are profiting from insecurities they created. The real reason you feel insulted is because someone pointed out how you don’t measure up to a standard set by an industry selling products to help change the way you look.

They do a good job of convincing you appearance is everything, and yours needs word.

But the truth is, you can be beautiful no matter what size body you have. Beauty is more than a cultural expectation. Beauty is a feeling you radiate, it’s how freely you express yourself, and it’s one small part of who you are.

It’s time to stop letting companies dictate how you feel about yourself!

Become “unbothered”

The way to build body confidence is by increasing the situations you’re capable of being unbothered by. How often can you truly not let the opinions, comments, or actions of others get to you?

When someone goes out of their way to tell you your body is wrong, remember their opinion isn’t worth listening to.

Remember this next time someone calls you fat: insulting someone’s appearance is the laziest form of insult – and beauty is a shifting social construct.


June 8, 2021


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